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Wow, so long since I’ve had time or energy to-do a blog post – so long I almost forgot my login details.. :p
In order to try this out you will need the following:-
HxC emulator hardware (slim in this case)

A FAT16/32 SD card – 32MB or higher
MAME System24 rom dumps, or the original floppys with a [...]

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Seems those sneaky russians are working on a Model 3 emulator.. Model 3 is probably still one of the best arcade PCBs ever made – and will always have a place in my heart – When Sega where far and away the king of the arcades.

Source:Demul – WIP version of the emulator.

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As everyone knows M (Elsemi), did a great job with his Model 2 emulator (, but many people are probably not aware you can easily hook-up arcade controls for a nicer retro experience.
What you need?
Immersion USB board (single or dual PCB version)
Happ UGCI I/O Board (for the digital inputs and analogue pedals)
24VDC power supply (to [...]

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Somebody asked me yonks ago what a Yellow Outrun 2 Twin would look like, well now I can answer that!
My mates over at Sonica Services, have recently had a Outrun 2 twin that needed a total refurbishment.
Anyway this was a mess, busted plastic sides, rusty base etc.. This is almost the finshed results, looking pretty [...]

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Well this week I got some ancient Battle Gear 4’s in for repair, so this gave me perfect chance to work on my universal Windows XP test suite. I’ve built a custom Windows XP HDD which I can simply put inside a TypeX/Lindbergh/Ford/Sega Rally 3 (and Raw Thrills/GlobalVR) and such and it will load up [...]

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Okay, so I recieved a 40″ (4:3!) Plasma from a contact in Germany, what is nice is it supports 15K, 25K and 31.5K without the use of a scan converter, so the picture is perfect colourwise, naturally the geometery is also perfect!
I’ve always been a fan of Plasma’s over LCD, because of the no-lag issue [...]

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As people might know I am a big House of the dead and Zombie fan, so I’ve wanted to trackdown this game for a while. Sadly the game never got an export release or even a release in US either. I thought it might be Japanese only.
Well luckly a disc and chip [...]

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Sometimes I get more interesting stuff to repair, I am pretty much infamous when it comes to the Lindbergh game board, what I don’t know about it, isn’t worth knowing.
But recently a game came in called Hummer (actually it is Hummer SDX – the 2player full motion cabinet) came in, what amazes me is the [...]

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MCS-Arcade is coming back online in the next few days, with a new website and new designs.
Update:First cut is up already..

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Well exciting times, what do I expect from 2010?? The last few Lindbergh titles, including a Hummer Sequel, and then a global move to RingWide/RingEdge. I will support the Lindbergh for at least the next 5 years.
Finally we will see Model 3 games disappear into the mist, just like Daytona 1 finally did in [...]

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