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Well this was a must have item for me, and probably rare as hens teeth – Ken Westerfield told me Sega USA never got one of these units, but what is it?

Sega Flash burner (or Flush in Engrish)
Well it is a Model 3 support tool, ideal to test and duplicate Model 3 roms (although it [...]

Feb 4th, 2012 | Filed under General

Well this week something came as a bit of suprise – An House of the dead 4 PCB for repair – nothing new there, however before I even opened the cage I knew something was odd.
It’s a Chinese clone of the Sega Lindbergh!! I heard rumours that Chinese companies had bootleg ID4, but now I’ve [...]

Nov 24th, 2010 | Filed under General

Seems Sega are going to release an Sega Rally 3 game kit – kit will be suitable to upgrade existing cabinets – I said about 2 years ago they should have released SR3 as a kit for Ford Racing cabinets.
What is interesting the kit will come with a 27″ LCD monitor, which will pave the [...]

Nov 20th, 2010 | Filed under General

Probably in development as we speak… Both Konami and Namco have 3D drivers out soon, I suspect Sega Japan will follow up with a driving game, what better than Outrun 3! Let’s face it Outrun 2 SP was the last decent driving game from Sega, RaceTV was such a bad game – I remember once [...]

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I was asked if Drift supported high resolution, well I can answer that one now.
I can confirm that Raw Thrills F&F Drift also supports the ability to run in high resolution upto 1600×1200 and 8 x full screen anti-aliasing. We can upgrade any F&F, Superbikes and Drift to high resolutions for your LCD solutions.

Oct 20th, 2010 | Filed under General

Sometimes you find interesting stuff, or sometimes interesting stuff finds you.. The latter applies here. Customer sent in a Crazy Taxi High Roller PCB set for repair, low and behold I was presented with a silver (production disc – same as on the Outrun 2 Beta).

Means I had to digout all my dreamcast dumping equipment [...]

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One of the fun aspects of my job is playing.. Let’s take a look at Raw Thrills F&F.
This is how the game usually looks (click on the photo for larger version).

But naturally the game supports different resolutions – although this is undocumented feature (there is other options – including the ability to be full auto [...]

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Hi, can you tell me something about yourself?
Erm, kinda.
I am Andrew Lewis (Andy Geezer seems to be a more common name for me on the internet), I was born in a field in August 19th, 1976, in a Cambridge, United Kingdom.
I am haply married with children – my pimping days are over.. LOL
So your step [...]

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Virtua Fighter Rev C
Anyone who has attempted to run this version (providing they have the correct security chip, which is like rocking horse sh!t) will be presented with this screen.

which basically translates to the following :-
It is not possible to start on this network, a vague error, but this is to-do with how your [...]

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Well out of nowhere landed some Virtua Fighter 5’s, and I can now confirm the following:
Virtua Fighter 5 Revision B (2007-05-31 01:21:03) which comes witth the keychip 253-5508-0438 is the ONLY worldwide release version of Virtua Fighter 5.
This version is standalone only and will work on any Yellow Lindbergh from anywhere in the world and [...]

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