Making Outrun 2 SP even more SPECIAL..

Been a while since I’ve blogged!! Little time to due such things, although I do post a few updates on the facebook page when I can.

As people know Outrun 2 is one of my personal fav driving games and probably one of the best drivers released in the last 10 years, but there was a problem with my lovely – the game is looking a bit long in the tooth, say compared to newer games – especially as I wanted to put a new 26″ LCD into my cabinet – 4:3 640×480 games, look a bit pants when running on a high defination screen which is 16:9!

There was annoying bug in the SP version – when you have the view inside the car or bonnet view then the feedback would be non-existant! 🙁

Enter the Lindbergh version – well actually it’s a port of the Chihiro version done by Polygon Magic (yes the same guys who did Maximum Tune series for Namco), but this is the SDX version?! Well it is – but where there is a will there’s a way!

Original SP running on an LCD (640×480)

Lindbergh SP running on the same LCD (1280×768)

click the picture for a larger one – be warned it’s quite a size.

Notes, music was easily changed by replacing the .adx files, also I did fix the annoying feedback bug

Key points :- 1280×768 high resolution, feedback view bug fixed, ability for different toons, 16:9 aspect ratio.

Strangely the feedback seems a lot stronger with the new serial feedback motor board, compared to the Chihiro midi feedback board, certainly was on my test bench.

Shame Sega didn’t offically release the Lindbergh version of Outrun 2 SP, they did Ghost Squad in the form of an upgrade, the game certainly is far superior to R-Tuned and RaceTV!

Long live AM2 – Gone but not forgotten!

Battle Gear 4 Tuned – Tuned some more…

Following on from my resolution mods for Raw Thrills, we move to Taito.

I’ve done a lot of work for some customers overseas with Battle Gear 4 Tuned – The game is very popular in Australia and certain parts of Asia, yet the game is uncommon in UK. Shame as it looks like a really good driving game.

Anyway Tuned Professional increased the resolution to 1360×768, nice addition.. As most CRT cabs are now getting refurbished with LCDs, it would be nice to upgrade BG4 Tuned to support something more exciting than 800×600, and let’s face it 800×600 on a 16:9 LCD looks not so good.

Luckly with a bit of “tweaking” the game can support different resolutions, including 1920×1080..

Outrun 2 SP – Still Special!

Outrun 2 SP is still one of the best driving games to come out in recent years, sadly Sega later driving games have been dull affairs. Why not roll-back RaceTV and R-Tuned into Outrun 2 SP! That is what we’ve done, Outrun 2 SP will easily out perform R-Tuned and RaceTV put together.

We are happy to convert your R-Tuned/RaceTV to Outrun 2 SP for a small fee (e-mail for for details).

Click on the photos for full-size version.

Rambo LCD Version – DONE!

So it’s been a really nice sunny day, and I had a couple of hours free! I had too choices, fry my brain in the heat, or finish of the Rambo LCD conversion, so here is the result.

This is dedicated to Pete, who said it would never be finished.. =]

Rambo LCD Tower DONE!

Rambo LCD tower is completely finished, all the wiring is done, everything is mounted. 🙂

What’s nice is I wired up the X/Y accelerator boards, so it can play HOTD4 without any issues. Naturally feedback on both Rambo and HOTD4, simply change Lindbergh to change game.

Anyway this is the finished gun tower.. Enjoy =]

click on the images for larger version.

Dedicated to Pete, who said it would never be finished….

Rambo LCD control panel finished

This is the first cut of the Rambo LCD control panel.

Note that static linear is still present, hence making the control panel look duller than it actually is – need to see what it will look like with the LED under lighting!

2hours later!

Okay some nice results backlighting.

Firstly Yellow CCFL tube – ambient light – really only viewable in dark areas.

I decided to swap out the Yellow for an Blue CCFL which I robbed from a Airtrix cabinet ages ago (I keep everything and anything for potential recycling)

I like this result more, it reminds me of blacklighting – enough glow to bring out the RAMBO logo.

And now for the ultimate test – FULL RAGE LEDs

Not a bad result.. certainly better than having a boring bog standard CP.

Only thing left on this LCD cab – is clean, apply the decals, and sort the wiring out – but first I got an Outrun 2 SP twin to-do for a customer. It never ends.. =]

Rambo CRT conversion – DONE!

Well, well.. Finally I got a good day to tackle the beastie.

These are the finished results (click on the image for a larger version).

This is how it originally looked:

Worth noting that this game needs the Lindbergh JVS I/O to have working output lamps/gun feedback, took me a while to figure that out (I thought my wiring was at fault!).

Artwork arrived, let’s start!

So… the kick ass rambo artwork from my main man Sean (MCS-Arcade) has arrived from the States. This means I need to fit in finishing the Rambo cabs, as well as doing the 100 and 1 other jobs I have to-do.

The gun floor has seen better days.

Cleaned and fitted with custom floor matt.

The eye-catching Naomi tower CPO

The bare Naomi control panel

With the overlay fitted – static linear is still present (so looks duller than it actually is).

Rambo – the last bits of the artwork for the Naomi version

Congrats to Sean for finishing of the final pieces – now they are on the way to sunny England (yes it’s actually been sunny!!)

The marquee

The huuuuuuge floor matt, this will give the cab the wow-factor I am sure, if not it will be fun trying to stick it on!

The pressure is on to get this cab finished for mid-May, the plastics have been painted, the sub woofer has been sourced. I will do a FULL write up soon as it is finished with pictures to accompany the story.

Rambo conversion – I feel arty

My art guru, Sean (MCS) has worked some magic on Rambo artwork for both the LCD and Naomi conversions.

I thought I’d share some of the pieces that are completed (click on the photo for a higher resolution version).

The LCD Control Panel overlay

Words can’t describe how close this is to my initial request – this is the only info I gave Sean – the guy has some serious skills!

The Naomi version of the tower control panel overlay

LCD version front/side artwork

Naomi (fullsize!) artwork

Misc artwork – including the Naomi CPO

Words can’t describe how kick-ass these cabs will look when finished.. ETA date for the Naomi UR Rambo will be end of May, LCD one around the same time. LCD #2 about 2months later.