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Sega Rally 3 proved that an out sourced project is viable, using PC hardware. And was probably the only worthy arcade racer for ‘08.
Sega sold Sega Racing Studios to Codemasters, after Rally 3 hit the arcades. But I have a sneaky feeling, call it ‘my special geezer’ powers, that Sega have teamed up with Codemasters, [...]

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A company in the USA bought some replacement video cards for the Lindbergh, they did the research, card looks pretty much the same.

ARGH! They then e-mailed me, I agreed to sort them out some sort of video flash solution as the card was indeed correct, just need the correct firmware. Now I could have done [...]

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So this is a picture of the prototype cab! One word what a mess, this looks like it belongs to Raw Thrills, or GlobalVR games! I find it sad that such a mighty company like Sega is now trying to emulate games from it’s US rivals! What upsets me more is games like Fast and [...]

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Not all Naomi cartridges are the same, here are some differences on the Sega ones (Namco ones are different also).
Actel type – Different memory map than the regular type. Normally has flash roms. Picture below is a development version of Shoot Pool Prize Medal.
SOIC package means easier to replace a faulty mask roms as opposed [...]

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So today, I decided to have a look at the Sega Aurora PCB.
Sammy-SEGA AURORA is a cheap system for arcades / amusement applications, and it has less performance than the older NAOMI 2, but more performance than NAOMI or Atomiswave.
What people will notice is that everything is intergrated, intergrated I/O controller, integrated audio amp, intergrated [...]

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