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I’ve just managed to secure another lot of units of these PCBs, which is good as I only have 1 left.
Nobody in the world can repair the Model 3 Step 2 Video board if the custom chip has died, simply because there is no spares.
Over the last 6 months I’ve seen a [...]

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I’ve been in the arcade trade in one form or another since 1997, orignally I was a noob, my first cab was a 20″ Silverline cab, with a Neo Geo 1slot, but my main interests where Sega Model 2 at the time, and coming to a dream of owning a Daytona! Needless to say lots [...]

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Spittal Amusements
Shipper – DHL
Tracking #JD0002267423414926
Ufuk Ercan
Shipper – FedEx
Tracking #7995 0698 5310
Roman Leonarduzzi
Shipper – ParcelForce Euro
Tracking #EE110314324GB

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MCS-Arcade is coming back online in the next few days, with a new website and new designs.
Update:First cut is up already..

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Well exciting times, what do I expect from 2010?? The last few Lindbergh titles, including a Hummer Sequel, and then a global move to RingWide/RingEdge. I will support the Lindbergh for at least the next 5 years.
Finally we will see Model 3 games disappear into the mist, just like Daytona 1 finally did in [...]

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