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Okay, so I recieved a 40″ (4:3!) Plasma from a contact in Germany, what is nice is it supports 15K, 25K and 31.5K without the use of a scan converter, so the picture is perfect colourwise, naturally the geometery is also perfect!
I’ve always been a fan of Plasma’s over LCD, because of the no-lag issue [...]

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As people might know I am a big House of the dead and Zombie fan, so I’ve wanted to trackdown this game for a while. Sadly the game never got an export release or even a release in US either. I thought it might be Japanese only.
Well luckly a disc and chip [...]

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Well I knew about this since Oct last year, but now it is official – (I removed some of the information at Sega’s request)
The big problem is, PC are not designed for 24/7 gaming, I just hope the cooling issues have been resolvled, those graphic cards do not like to be running intense 3D for [...]

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Outrun 2 SP is still one of the best driving games to come out in recent years, sadly Sega later driving games have been dull affairs. Why not roll-back RaceTV and R-Tuned into Outrun 2 SP! That is what we’ve done, Outrun 2 SP will easily out perform R-Tuned and RaceTV put together.
We are [...]

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So it’s been a really nice sunny day, and I had a couple of hours free! I had too choices, fry my brain in the heat, or finish of the Rambo LCD conversion, so here is the result.

This is dedicated to Pete, who said it would never be finished.. =]

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