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One of the fun aspects of my job is playing.. Let’s take a look at Raw Thrills F&F.
This is how the game usually looks (click on the photo for larger version).

But naturally the game supports different resolutions – although this is undocumented feature (there is other options – including the ability to be full auto [...]

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Somebody asked me yonks ago what a Yellow Outrun 2 Twin would look like, well now I can answer that!
My mates over at Sonica Services, have recently had a Outrun 2 twin that needed a total refurbishment.
Anyway this was a mess, busted plastic sides, rusty base etc.. This is almost the finshed results, looking pretty [...]

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Well this week I got some ancient Battle Gear 4’s in for repair, so this gave me perfect chance to work on my universal Windows XP test suite. I’ve built a custom Windows XP HDD which I can simply put inside a TypeX/Lindbergh/Ford/Sega Rally 3 (and Raw Thrills/GlobalVR) and such and it will load up [...]

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