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Well this week something came as a bit of suprise – An House of the dead 4 PCB for repair – nothing new there, however before I even opened the cage I knew something was odd.
It’s a Chinese clone of the Sega Lindbergh!! I heard rumours that Chinese companies had bootleg ID4, but now I’ve [...]

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Seems Sega are going to release an Sega Rally 3 game kit – kit will be suitable to upgrade existing cabinets – I said about 2 years ago they should have released SR3 as a kit for Ford Racing cabinets.
What is interesting the kit will come with a 27″ LCD monitor, which will pave the [...]

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Probably in development as we speak… Both Konami and Namco have 3D drivers out soon, I suspect Sega Japan will follow up with a driving game, what better than Outrun 3! Let’s face it Outrun 2 SP was the last decent driving game from Sega, RaceTV was such a bad game – I remember once [...]

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Seems those sneaky russians are working on a Model 3 emulator.. Model 3 is probably still one of the best arcade PCBs ever made – and will always have a place in my heart – When Sega where far and away the king of the arcades.

Source:Demul – WIP version of the emulator.

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As everyone knows M (Elsemi), did a great job with his Model 2 emulator (, but many people are probably not aware you can easily hook-up arcade controls for a nicer retro experience.
What you need?
Immersion USB board (single or dual PCB version)
Happ UGCI I/O Board (for the digital inputs and analogue pedals)
24VDC power supply (to [...]

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