How to make a Sega Racing Classics well kinda..

As everyone knows M (Elsemi), did a great job with his Model 2 emulator (, but many people are probably not aware you can easily hook-up arcade controls for a nicer retro experience.

What you need?

Immersion USB board (single or dual PCB version)
Happ UGCI I/O Board (for the digital inputs and analogue pedals)
24VDC power supply (to power the Immersion board)
Happ controls active motor with 5K pot fitted.
A driving cabinet with a 31K monitor or higher (or Optional LCD monitor)

How does it work?

The Immersion PCB is DirectInput based controller, as is the Happ UGCI controller, you can map these boards to your controls.

Took me 10 minutes to wire up the wheel to the Immerssion PCB and get feedback from the M2 emulator.

Funnly enough with a GlobalVR cabinet (Need for speed, Nascar), you can quite easily get M2 emulator and other DirectX games working on there, Daytona USA on a Nascar cabinet would be a better game!

Tha happ wheel can be interfaced with a lot of arcade hardware.

Namco (you require the correct drive board)
Global VR (you require the Immersion board)
Ford Racing/Sega Rally 3/The Grid (you require a Parallel port to Happ motor controller board)
Raw Thrills (you require the Raw Thrills I/O board)
PC games (you require the Immersion PCB for the wheel,other I/O for inputs, keyboard encoder/or UGCI or similar)

Obvioulsy most people wil buy off the shelf logitech wheel, but anyone serious about “arcade” feel would probably already looking to buy an arcade driving cabinet (especially as they can be obtained for under £200), the wheel strength is far superior, comparing plastic based cogs/24VDC low amp motor against a 90VDC industrial motor..