Outrun 3-D

Probably in development as we speak… Both Konami and Namco have 3D drivers out soon, I suspect Sega Japan will follow up with a driving game, what better than Outrun 3! Let’s face it Outrun 2 SP was the last decent driving game from Sega, RaceTV was such a bad game – I remember once demonstrated it to an operator who walked away once he saw the intro – Western operators are not impressed with gay references and/or dancing!

In the meantime, I will watch to see how GRiD is recieved, I’ve heard mixed feedback – some say it totally re-programmed (arcade experience) from the home versions, while some say it feels just like a PS3 game (one of the things that ruined Sega Rally 3 was it felt like a console game, not an arcade game – It lacked the Rally 1 and 2 atompshere).

I’d also love to see a worthy Ridge Racer game – seems the series stopped for me at Rave Racer.. C’mon we want a Ridge Racer remix (like Sega Racing Classics) old skool game with a new coat of paint for the visuals – leave the music though – still some of the best video game music ever..