Kit me up..

Seems Sega are going to release an Sega Rally 3 game kit – kit will be suitable to upgrade existing cabinets – I said about 2 years ago they should have released SR3 as a kit for Ford Racing cabinets.

What is interesting the kit will come with a 27″ LCD monitor, which will pave the way for other LCD games – such as Hummer, Initial D4 etc. These games are nice, but frankly the cost of the machines is crazy high.. Price of one single can buy an operator a Raw Thrills twin.

Global VR have done kits for NFS Carbon, for older cabinets for a few years with great success, a company like JNC has probably made more money selling Carbon conversions than any other game – one because it was fairly new, and secondly it didn’t break the bank!

We must think about recycling these old cabinets, with a lick of paint, and new LCD screen these will be good for a few more years..