Well this week something came as a bit of suprise – An House of the dead 4 PCB for repair – nothing new there, however before I even opened the cage I knew something was odd.

It’s a Chinese clone of the Sega Lindbergh!! I heard rumours that Chinese companies had bootleg ID4, but now I’ve seen it with my own eyes – they’ve replicated everything from the cage to the metal video card retaining bracket.

Security chip is an old lindbergh PIC recycled and reprogrammed up with the HOTD4 key – so it is still laser etched (although the 16F48A chip is like £2 each!), and funnly enough it was fitted with a 2.2Ghz Pentium 4 CPU, odd as stock HOTD4 will not work on that (won’t work on a 2.8GHZ cpu either as found in Lind Red). I once run RaceTV on a Red and it was choppy, so even if the game did work – it wouldn’t have been smooth (the dips where setup for 1366×768 resolution).

Video card was a some replica 6800GT, haven’t looked at the GPU, but most likely it is a 6800 or 6800LE (anyone who has run HOTD4 with those GPU will notice it will judder when in high res mode, due to the lesser number of pipelines and low clock speeds).

The mainboard uses exactly the same components – so it performs the same and the security model has been maintained (good – I don’t want to see hacked Lindbergh).

Let’s see some components

Sega original mainboard

Clone mainboard

Sega original baseboard

Clone baseboard

Sega security filter board

Clone security filter board

Anyway, now it’s running like a “regular” Lindbergh it has the same components fitted as an original HOTD4 PCB.

Conclusion – clone or original there is only one outcome…