Battle Gear 4 Tuned – Tuned some more…

Following on from my resolution mods for Raw Thrills, we move to Taito.

I’ve done a lot of work for some customers overseas with Battle Gear 4 Tuned – The game is very popular in Australia and certain parts of Asia, yet the game is uncommon in UK. Shame as it looks like a really good driving game.

Anyway Tuned Professional increased the resolution to 1360×768, nice addition.. As most CRT cabs are now getting refurbished with LCDs, it would be nice to upgrade BG4 Tuned to support something more exciting than 800×600, and let’s face it 800×600 on a 16:9 LCD looks not so good.

Luckly with a bit of “tweaking” the game can support different resolutions, including 1920×1080..