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Welcome to AGS.

What does AGS stand for??

Amusement Game Services which we are pretty confident will lead to Another Great Service

Who am I?? I am Andrew Lewis (although my psuedo name is "Andy Geezer"),I have been dealing with arcade PCBs/cabinets/games for over 10 years and have massed quite a collection of spares, knowledge and also on how to run a successful business on and offline.

Right now am expanding my portfolio into other areas of Gaming and Services including collectable toys (which will be run/maintained by my 2 daughters).

What services do you do at AGS?

   Full Sega board diagnostics and testing from Model 2,3,Naomi,Tri-Force,Hikaru,Chihiro, Lindbergh etc.
   Full Machine refurbishments and conversions.
   Full PC repair - including Window XP embedded migration, driver installation, cross platform migration, advanced install disc solutions.
   Bespoke wiring solutions.
   Bespoke artwork solutions.
   Advanced Sega Technical advice/help (phone/e-mail) at a friendly level - we won't treat you like an idiot!
   Alternative replacement parts, more than 1 part can do the same job.
   Game/Part finding service, looking for something we might know someone with it!
   Repairing game boards.
   Security chip repair/replacement where possible.
   Specalists in region unlocking on Model 2, Model 3, Hikaru, Tri-Force, Naomi, Chihiro, Lindbergh.
   Other PC hardware based products, RawThrills, GlobalVR, ICE etc.

Also at AGS we are Sega and Raw Thrills (and others) specialists - we can repair any of the following :-

Model 3 Step 2 (Sega Rally 2), Naomi 1 (Crazy Taxi/House of the Dead 2/F355), Naomi 2 (Club Kart, Initial D), Tri-force (Mario Kart 1 and 2, F-Zero ALL versions), Chihiro (House of the Dead 3, Max Tune 1 and 2, Outrun 2 SP), Lindbergh (All versions), Europa (All versions), Ford Racing (All versions), Raw Thrills (All versions).

So confident we can out perform anyone in the UK, that we dare you to try us - we achieve a goal of 1-3 working days and offer prices upto 50% cheaper than ALL our rivals.

"Our moto is about giving back, not taking away!"

What this site offers;

   upto date multicurrency prices.
   live stock updates, stock status.
   product notification changes.
   printable pages for fax distrubition.
   Worldwide shipping.
   Credit card online payments via paypal.
   and much more…

AGS, AndyGeezerServices, Andy Geezer and Andrew Lewis are no way affiliated with SEGA Enterprises LTD.
   Latest News     
Holiday Information 13-Dec-2015
AGS will be closed from 19th to the 4-Jan-2015 (providing the end of the world doesn't occur!) - I'd like to thank all my customers, friends and family for continued support and I hope everyone has a safe and happy christmas holidays.
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Unavailable from the 24-08-15 to 07-09-15

Hi Everyone, I will be not doing work from the 24th of August 2015 till the 7th of September - all emails, orders and such will be handled on my return back to business.

Thanks you one and all.
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Repair List Guide 25-Nov-2013
PC guide of what can be turned around here.

The file is an excel spreadsheet and can be downloaded here.
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wanted items 23-Nov-2013
Hi all

This is my wanted items

Galaxy force 2 deluxe manual
Outrun 2 vr button assemblies
Faulty model 3 step 2 video boards

Power drift deluxe
Rad mobile deluxe
G-loc deluxe
Hot Rod
Carnevil ur

Faulty model 3 step 2 video boards
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Taito Type Zero Solid State Goodness 23-Nov-2013
Hi All,

I am now offering replacement SSD drives for people who fear there Type Zero drive dying.

So far the following games are completed:-

Raizin Ping Pong VER 2.01 (2002/3/11 18:06:16) - English BIOS V1.52
Power Shovel VER 2.02 (1999/8/19 21:27:23) - English BIOS V1.11a
Battle Gear 2 VER 2.01J (2000/6/21 22:22:26) - Japan BIOS V1.52
Battle Gear 2 VER 2.01O (2000/7/7 18:02:53) - English BIOS V1.52
Battle Gear VER 2.40A (1999/3/31 13:27:05) - English BIOS V1.11a
Battle Gear VER 2.50 (1999/3/18 17:29:55) - English BIOS V1.11a
Landing High Japan VER 2.01 OK (1999/12/3) - English BIOS V1.52
Top Speed 20XX Ver 2.00E (2000/7/15 15:24:01) - English BIOS V1.52
Stunt Typhoon+ Ver 2.04J (2001/4/6 18:34:59) - Japan BIOS V1.52
Stunt Typhoon+ Ver 2.01E (2001/5/16 18:26:42) - English BIOS V1.52

Cost of the kits is £100 and is plug and play.

A sample unit was sent to my good friend UT in Sweden as a proof of concept.

Type Zero video
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Replacement System24 Floppy disks 21-Nov-2013
I can now do replacement System24 floppy disks for the following games:-

DS3-5000-01A [Hot Rod 4player]
DS3-5000-01D [Hot Rod 3player Turbo]
DS3-5000-02A [Scramble Spirits Japan - Hot Rod Bios/Regular 68K]
DS3-5000-02E [Scramble Spirits World - Regular 68K]
DS3-5000-03D [GainGround USA - Encrypted]
DS3-5000-04D [Crackdown USA - Encrypted]
DS3-5000-05D [Super Masters USA - Encrypted]
DS3-5000-06B [Rough Racer Japan - Encrypted]
DS3-5000-07B [Bonanza Bros Japan]
DS3-5000-07C [Bonanza Bros USA]
DS3-5000-09? [Dynamic .C.C Japan - Regular 68K]
DS3-5000-09D [Dynamic .C.C USA - Encrypted]

The cost of a replacement disk is £5, plus shipping.

All disks are done via my custom PC setup and not via the System24 mainboard - the reason being that I write the disks, then read the disks back and perform a CRC check to make sure all data is 100%.

You should backup the replacement disk via the System24 backup method (Hold service on power up and follow the instructions on screen), and then store the master disk safe (away from magnetic sources,dust and small children!).

One word of warning - System24 is fussy on the floppy disk drive - it does not like modern PC floppy disk drives, anything later than 2002 seems to be unstable.

Also I've seen RPM flucations that can cause the sector to become corrupt, I do verify my replacements on my working System24.

The Hot Rod/Scramble Spirits Japan are the worst as the sectors are larger than standard and packed close together, if you get a formatting error then most likely your floppy disk drive is not up to the task.
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Most Wanted! 06-Jul-2013
Hi All,

This is a list of my wants/needs:

Taito Type Zero (Landing High Japan/Battle Gear 1 and 2/Raizin Ping Pong)
CarnEvil PCB (guns not required, but must have the gun expansion I/O)
Triforce PCBs
Chihiro PCBs
Wing Wars - Sega model 1 pcbs

Immersion Feedback board (as used on Global VR)
Taitio Universal JVS I/O PCB

Beast Busters Second Nightmare
Carnevil 25"
Hot Rod 4player
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AGS doing a little for Comic Relief 2013 11-Mar-2013
Hi guys/gals - that time of year where I try to-do my little bit.

For every new Facebook like, I will donate £1, and I will also be donating a % of all income from AGS from Monday 11th to Friday the 15th.

For people who are not in the UK here is a quick run down on Comic Relief.

Comic Relief
is a charity based in the UK that aims to make the world free from poverty. Their mission is to drive positive change through the power of entertainment, hence the title “Comic Relief”. They’ve raised over £800,000,000 for people in over 70 countries worldwide (including the UK) since the charity formed in 1985, with most of that money being generating during the Red Nose Day and Sport Relief events in the UK. The money we donate goes to projects such as vaccinating children against deadly diseases, providing people with clean running water, and providing expert care & advice to those suffering from illnesses such as Dementia.
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AGS flash drive solution for Chihiro and Triforce 09-Mar-2013
Can offer a service to remove the gd-rom for Chihiro and Triforce type3 forever! No more error 24/25!

Supports larger games like Maximum Tune 2 and Gundam BOS.
Faster loading times around 60secs
Reliable (1 year warranty on the kit - not on the game PCB)

Please email for quote.
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The UniversalPC Concept 01-Feb-2013
I've been working on this for a while in my head - I've done a few prototypes as proof-of-concept.

The benefits of this system are as follows:

1) Uses new hardware (not old stock or second hand stuff which is unreliable and has no warranty)
2) Generic you only have to worry about 1 type of main board in your spares/warehouse
3) Cheaper/Less time consuming that buying/finding old hardware
4) Full recovery system using my custom USB recovery device.
5) Rapid recovery time - I am hearing customers who have had there PCBs in for repair for like 6weeks - 6week downtime is a joke - if you had the replacements in stores, you could be up and running in the same day!

Tell me more!

This is how it would work, I'd suggest some certain types of main boards which you can find locally in your territory, you'd then send me a unit and let me know what games you want on the system - I would build USB recovery image and supply you with a master USB drive (from which you can create your own USB pen drives - depending if you want to offer your end user the ability to re-install on site) also you'd buy the hardware (you could buy all the hardware direct from me also, but I'd have to put my % on).

Because you are buying the hardware directly you have control of the budget and do not pay the massive overly priced costs when going to the arcade spares dept in the various establishments, you also kill the middle man repair centre.

But, doesn't this mean you are putting yourself out of business??

Well, no - The pricing would be a one-of fee initially to convert a game to the new PC platform, this would give you the USB recovery system to create replacement PC units of a set game - also you would need to buy authorised blank SSD drives from me - only my SSDs will work with this system, and these SSD will be set per-organisation (so you can not swap recovery images/or clone the images manually) - this also means other people can not rip-off my work (like I’ve seen in the past! Although I am aware nothing is 100% safe, especially when it is Windows based!).

The cost of the blank SSD would be cheap anyway, around £50-£60.

What do you do exactly?

I take the "original" game, remove all the old hardware drivers from the WindowsXP embedded system, and replace with the new mainboard configuration - all the other aspects stay the same - the original windows files, game files, game security (I do not condone/nor endorse removing security from games) and what not - you can't merely install Windows XP vanilla and hope these things will work - most games have there own tailour made XP embedded configuration with the correct drivers for what they need, be it a certain video codec, or a immersion USB driver - once the game is working 100% (sound, video, network, etc then I seal and shrink wrap it for the automated recovery USB system).

So how do I use it?

You build up a PC there, with your bought in main board/cpu/ram - fit the SSD drives you buy from me, and install the USB recovery dongle - on the power-up it will build up the game/windows from that – to work just like the original (the process generally takes from 3-20minutes depending on the size) - then the game will be ready for using - plug in the I/O, security dongle and you'll be away.

Why do you use USB recovery and not CD/DVD?

I use USB for a number of reasons

1) 4GB/8GB USB pen drives are cheap
2) All new main boards are USB2 and USB transfer rate is as good/if not better than CD/DVD
3) It's small and robust!! CD/DVDs are not!
4) Most PCs in for repair there CD/DVD drives are either dead or clogged with rubbish/dust and these are just more hardware taking juice from the PC (especially when they are only used for recovery!)
5) Most people don't have the restore CD/DVDs anyway!

Why do you use SSD (Solid State Drive) for storage?

1) Price, SATA HDDs are generally 250GB or higher – for arcade we do not need such a huge drive!
2) Reliability, SSD do not having moving parts, they generate hardly no heat and use hardly any power!
3) Most PC arcade games use a file write filter – meaning hardly any data gets written to the drive – making SSD the perfect candidate.

What kind of games would work via this setup??

RawThrills - Fast and Furious,Superbikes,Drift,etc
Global VR - NFS GT/Underground/Carbon, Nascar, Aliens, Frightmareland, PGA Golf, etc
Sega - Ford Racing, Sega Rally 3, Grid

Pretty much any PC Game from 2002-2009 that doesn't require dedicated hardware (or locked down via a bespoke linux kernel).

I am looking for feedback and also I am looking for potential investors - email me on
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   What's News     
600-6227-10 [Extra Button Loom for Astro/Blast and Naomi] Control Panels / Wiring
Extra button loom which enables buttons 4,5,6 for both Player 1 and 2.

Configuration Options:

£19.50 GBP
4 In Stock
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   Special Offers     
GDS-0003 [Sports Jam] Sega Naomi 1 GD-ROM
© SEGA 2000
Sports Jam software for Naomi 1 GD-ROM
£20.00 GBP
£14.00 GBP [save 30%]

18 In Stock
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GDS-0009 [Dynamic Golf / Virtua Golf] Sega Naomi 1 GD-ROM
© SEGA 2001
Virtua Golf requires a dedicated control panel to function, it uses a trackball I/O for control.
£20.00 GBP
£10.00 GBP [save 50%]

34 In Stock
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GDX-0002 [Crazy Taxi High Roller] Sega Chihiro
© SEGA 2003
More Crazy Taxi'n, this time with more lavish visuals and even more crazy stuff.
£80.00 GBP
£40.00 GBP [save 50%]

33 In Stock
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837-14489R [Creative PCI Sound for Lindbergh Yellow] Lindbergh Spares
© SEGA 2005
PCI Sound card as required by Lindbergh Yellow games.
£115.00 GBP
£60.95 GBP [save 47%]

6 In Stock
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