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Spares - Chihiro/Triforce Spares

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Chihiro/Triforce Spares

600-7274-150 [AVIP CABLE FOR CHIHIRO] Chihiro/Triforce Spares
© SEGA 2003
AVIP cable for Chihiro, the box will not boot without this cable.
25.00 GBP
No Stock
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610-0674 [CHIHIRO PROTECT BOARD] Chihiro/Triforce Spares
© SEGA 2003
This board sits bewteen the PSU and the Chihiro, it acts as some sort of surge protector.
50.00 GBP
No Stock
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837-14280 [CHIHIRO BASEBOARD] Chihiro/Triforce Spares
Replacement Chihiro Baseboard.Will work on ALL versions of Chihiro.

135.00 GBP
3 In Stock
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837-14341 [CHIHIRO/TRIFORCE TYPE 3 NETWORK BOARD] Chihiro/Triforce Spares
Network board for Type 3 Chihiro and Tri-force units.
110.00 GBP
2 In Stock
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838-14333 [CHIHIRO CORE BOARD - XBOX ARCADE MAINBOARD] Chihiro/Triforce Spares
Replacement Mainboard for Chihiro (bottom board).
295.00 GBP
No Stock
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CHIHIRO TYPE 3 COMPLETE PCB Chihiro/Triforce Spares
Type 3 Chihiro Core system, this is with the network firm for link play and can run all games except House of the Dead 3 and Crazy Taxi High Roller. (Although some Japan games will only run on the Japan Region and English Outrun 2 SP will only run on the USA/Export Region).
395.00 GBP
No Stock
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Triforce Type 3 Mainboard Chihiro/Triforce Spares
Brand new in box Triforce Type 3 units - complete with Compact Flash firmware pre-installed.
375.00 GBP
No Stock
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